Property Search Process

How does it work?



Step 1

Initial property brief completed by the client


Step 2

Follow-up in-depth meeting with the Agent


Step 3

 Agreement signed and dated


Step 4

The Agent begins the property search

We Are NOT a Real Estate Agency

Step 5

Detailed findings returned to the client for consideration.

Step 1: Initial property brief completed by the client

The initial property brief completed by the client sets the base-level criteria for the desired property.

Step 2: Follow-up in-depth meeting with the Agent

This follow-up meeting allows the client to provide more detail to the Agent regarding the specifics surrounding the property brief. This step is vital in providing the Agent with clear criteria on which to base the property search.

Criteria shared with the Agent includes:

property’s location, condition & size

proximity to local amenities and schools

your budget & overall property goals

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Step 3: Agreement signed and dated

When both parties are happy with the agreed terms and conditions, an Agreement Contract Form is signed. Let the search begin…

Step 4: The Agent begins the property search

Accessing our extensive database of on-market and off-market properties—in addition to liaising with local agents—we leave no stone unturned to find, analyse, critique and compare properties against your specified criteria.

Step 5: Detailed findings returned to the client for consideration

Once a thorough and detailed search has been completed, we create a shortlist of properties to present to the client for consideration.

From these shortlisted properties, we will have:

identified pros and cons for each

identified true current market values

estimated future values

among other relevant factors

all of which will provide the client with highly detailed information to consider regarding their purchase.

Of course, we will also offer our professional recommendation, but just like the price range and property criteria, the decision will ultimately be up to the client.

That's it! What's next for you?

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Testimonials - Happy Clients


Cardiff NSW

Trent and Gabby were fantastic to deal with.

We were negotiating a purchase in Cardiff and were having a great deal of trouble with a real estate agent who kept moving the goal posts.

The agent kept raising the asking price after originally agreeing with our offers.

Eventually, he was asking for a price that exceeded our budget. As a last resort, we enlisted Trent to negotiate on our behalf, and our situation changed very quickly.

Trent not only secured the property for us but negotiated a price lower than what the real estate agent was asking for, saving us thousands. We can’t recommend these guys enough


Adamstown NSW

I was struggling to find an investment-grade property and had essentially spent ten luckless months searching for a property that would fit my investment needs.


A friend of mine recommended Trent and Gabby. From the outset, they were extremely easy to work with, and they shortlisted three properties that fit my criteria.


This was amazing—I’d gone from having no options to suddenly having three. I had budgeted for a purchase of $450,000, the property I wanted was on the market for $415,000+, and Trent and Gab secured it for me for $402,000.


There was no fluff and no drama—they just simply got the job done, saving me untold amounts of time and obviously a decent amount of money along the way.


They really are in your corner!

Kieran and Lauren

Thornton NSW

We’re a time-poor working couple with young kids and were looking to purchase our first house. We decided to get Trent on board as we were feeling overwhelmed with the process, especially after previously having difficult experiences with attempting to buy our first home. 
Trent took the stress out of the process completely. He found multiple properties that suited our needs and when we found “the one” he used his expertise to negotiate a far better price than what we had expected.
Trent was always available to answer our questions and provide advice. I could not be happier that we decided to use In Your Corner Property Investment.