Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Whilst we are indeed a qualified Buyers Agency, that's not how we classify ourselves.

Rather than a full (and costly), multi-faceted Buyers Agency service, we focus primarily on just TWO components. The Property Search and subsequent Purchase Negotiation. The two items that cause the property buyers most angst and without a doubt cost them the most time and money when attempting these tasks alone. 

When it comes to us, as our name suggests, we are IN YOUR CORNER.

As a whole, the process involved in purchasing a property—especially for first-time buyers— can be confusing, stressful and time consuming.

The time-consuming part can be rather costly; procrastinate too long, and market changes may hit you in the wallet. Second, 'In Your Corner' are professional negotiators, and this expertise is extremely useful for those wanting a ‘bang for their buck’.

The outlay on good professional advice will be returned to you in the form of time, less stress and the best possible purchase price.

There are numerous reasons to enlist us.

First, we aren’t a huge company that takes on all comers; instead, we are a smaller company that only takes on a certain number of clients at any one time, and we do this so that we can allocate our full attention and dedication to you, allowing us the unique opportunity to offer a legitimate personable one-on-one service.

Often, with bigger companies, you (the client) are just another number or another ’job’ for the system.

However, you will never be just ‘another number’ at IN YOUR CORNER—your success means our success….and boy, do we love success!


The only property knowledge that would be handy is what type of property you’d like us to help you purchase or find.

Other than that, IN YOUR CORNER PROPERTY INVESTMENT has all the knowledge necessary to help you find and or acquire your desired property.

Process Questions

That’s a difficult one to answer as there are many contributing factors that speed up or slow down the process. From our end, although we will endeavour to make the process as quick as possible, we are happy to take our time (unless specified by the client) in conducting the property search and then nailing the negotiation phase in order to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Typically, the Agreement Contract between client and agent runs for 100 days, so the process could take as little as 7–10 days and up to a maximum of 100 days.

Yes, we can absolutely negotiate the purchase of a property that you have found yourself. This will save both time and money for you as you won’t need us to perform the search for you.

We are based in the Newcastle and Hunter region so there is no doubt more of a familiarity in this area.

However, we have the ability and data to support searching for properties Australia wide. In fact, if you are purchasing a property purely for investment purposes we encourage looking far and wide.

Often the best performing properties/suburbs are from non-local locations.

The property market is constantly on the move, meaning gems are always ready to be found if the net is cast wide enough.

Although as stated we do have data that supports information Australia wide, currently In Your Corner Property Investment has licencing qualification for NSW only. We are currently in the process of making ourselves nationally qualified.

We will contact you as little or as much as you desire. Do you want to be contacted daily?

No problem.

At the end of every week or month?


Maybe you only want to be contacted when there is new information once the consultation process is complete—if that’s the case, we can do that also.

Really, we will go with whatever you need—some people like to be kept in the loop at every step while others prefer to be left alone unless there is something new they need to know.

We will not act or purchase outside of your outlined criteria.

In saying that, if we find a ‘gem’ on the property search that we feel is relevant to you, we will certainly present that option.

With regard to purchase price negotiation, we will only ever negotiate within your established financial guidelines as stated in the Agreement.

However, this can be amended by the client should circumstances or options change.

Purchasing & Closing Questions

Unfortunately, this does happen from time to time.

Sometimes, people come in with offers that just blow competitors out of the water.

As such, if a negotiation has been unsuccessful—i.e. an offer and subsequent renewed offers have not been accepted by the vendor—then no further payment will be required as per the Agreement

No, we can’t guarantee this—no agency can.

Of course, our intention is to purchase the property for the client at the lowest possible price.

However, the lowest possible price can often end up being above the market value or advertised price due to high demand, but that doesn’t make it an unsuccessful purchase.

You may be willing make a concession now by paying a little extra with the view that the property can make you some serious return in the future.

The In Your Corner 'Best Price Incentive' fee basically is the fee payable should the agent be successful in purchasing the property for UNDER a pre determined figure. This is a win-win scenario for both parties, but heavily favours the client and their purchase savings which is great! This will be negotiated between the agent and client on a case-by-case basis at the commencement of the agreement between In Your Corner and the client. 

NO! None.

And that’s the way we like it.

Our full loyalty and obligation is to you, the client.

We receive no kickbacks, commissions, favours or payments of any kind from anyone else. We are 100% independent and 100% IN YOUR CORNER.

Testimonials - Happy Clients


Cardiff NSW

Trent and Gabby were fantastic to deal with.

We were negotiating a purchase in Cardiff and were having a great deal of trouble with a real estate agent who kept moving the goal posts.

The agent kept raising the asking price after originally agreeing with our offers.

Eventually, he was asking for a price that exceeded our budget. As a last resort, we enlisted Trent to negotiate on our behalf, and our situation changed very quickly.

Trent not only secured the property for us but negotiated a price lower than what the real estate agent was asking for, saving us thousands. We can’t recommend these guys enough


Adamstown NSW

I was struggling to find an investment-grade property and had essentially spent ten luckless months searching for a property that would fit my investment needs.


A friend of mine recommended Trent and Gabby. From the outset, they were extremely easy to work with, and they shortlisted three properties that fit my criteria.


This was amazing—I’d gone from having no options to suddenly having three. I had budgeted for a purchase of $450,000, the property I wanted was on the market for $415,000+, and Trent and Gab secured it for me for $402,000.


There was no fluff and no drama—they just simply got the job done, saving me untold amounts of time and obviously a decent amount of money along the way.


They really are in your corner!

Kieran and Lauren

Thornton NSW

We’re a time-poor working couple with young kids and were looking to purchase our first house. We decided to get Trent on board as we were feeling overwhelmed with the process, especially after previously having difficult experiences with attempting to buy our first home. 
Trent took the stress out of the process completely. He found multiple properties that suited our needs and when we found “the one” he used his expertise to negotiate a far better price than what we had expected.
Trent was always available to answer our questions and provide advice. I could not be happier that we decided to use In Your Corner Property Investment.


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