Benefits of In Your Corner Property Investment

A property is likely to be the largest single purchase you’ll ever make, so why go it alone?


How to Save Money

The negotiation phase of a purchase is the only part where you can literally save thousands of dollars or lose thousands of dollars simply dependant on how a negotiation unfolds.

There are various methods and techniques used by Real Estate agents to ensure they achieve their desired selling price.

They are great at what they do and are formidable to negotiate against alone. 

We provide the X-Factor

In Your Corner Property Investment will provide the X-factor when it comes to negotiating with real estate agents whose ambition is to not only sell the property for their customer, the vendor, but sell it for the highest possible price.

Let this be clear

The Real Estate agent is working for the seller not you the buyer.

The more you pay, the better the return they provide to their customer.


By enlisting us we become a part of your team.

We are professional negotiators and successful property investors.

Not only do we know our trade, but we actually love what we do.

Allow us to be in your corner.

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Save Time & Stress

As the saying goes time is money, money is time. The search for a suitable property can be long and demanding.

In a growing property market the longer the search goes on, the higher the prices may rise. But it’s the stress and pressure of finding that hidden gem that is most taxing. Hour after hour, day after day, week after week the search can be gruelling.

But that is to be expected, a property purchase is high stakes.

The far and wide search for that property needs to detailed, specific and certain.


We take pride in leaving no stone unturned to find you your desired property

We search 100% within the financial parameters and the style, type and location limits that you’ve set.

We can’t promise to alleviate all of your stress, but we will certainly take a huge load off your shoulders allowing you to focus on other important things.

Comparison Table: Us vs DIY

Why In Your Corner Property Investment vs Doing it Yourself (DIY)?

This table shows the pros & cons to choosing us or yourself.

Objective Do It Yourself
Create your personalized property investment strategy In Your Corner Property Investment will cover all these aspects for you leaving no stone unturned.

Time: 5 – 8 hours with you scattered throughout the contract period

Based on your own research

Time: 10-15 hours

Methodically explore your desired property area including surrounding suburbs for relevant properties Factoring in work, family and other general life commitments

Conservative Time:
1 week – 6+ months

Develop a shortlist of properties that fit the criteria you’ve set and ascertain the properties true ($) value along with pros + cons
Narrow the property field to the dwelling you desire, crunch the numbers and make an offer This is all a part of In Your Corner Property Investments duties, this is where we thrive.

1 – 2 hours with you to discuss negotiation price strategy and limitations

Identify your desired property from shortlist

Time: 5-10 hours

Negotiation with seller of conditions, terms, inclusion and most of all the purchase price This is where an experienced Real Estate agent will use all their trained skills and tactics to achieve the highest possible purchase price for the seller. They won’t be afraid to pro-long the process to achieve the higher selling price

10-20 hours of negotiation, likely over several weeks with a $505,000 - $520,000+ purchase price

Property listed for sale at $500,000 - $550,000 Using our knowledge, skills and expertise we aim to achieve the best possible price for you the buyer.

Our No1. goal is to obtain the property for you.
Secondly is to obtain it
at a price that saves you money.
3 - 10 hours

of total negotiation time. Possibly over the course of several days
In Your Corner Property Investment fee Av $6,125 $0
TOTAL OUTLAY on purchase * Financial:

Expectation - $490,000 - $540,000

Your Personal Time Spent:

6-10 hours


$515,000 - $565,000+

Your Personal Time Spent:

Minimum 75+ hours
Realistically over 3 - 9 months

* Not inclusive of personal financial approval costs, pest & building inspections and conveyancing/solicitors fees all of which are the buyers obligation

Save Time

Save Money

Allow us to be in your corner.


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Testimonials - Happy Clients


Cardiff NSW

Trent and Gabby were fantastic to deal with.

We were negotiating a purchase in Cardiff and were having a great deal of trouble with a real estate agent who kept moving the goal posts.

The agent kept raising the asking price after originally agreeing with our offers.

Eventually, he was asking for a price that exceeded our budget. As a last resort, we enlisted Trent to negotiate on our behalf, and our situation changed very quickly.

Trent not only secured the property for us but negotiated a price lower than what the real estate agent was asking for, saving us thousands. We can’t recommend these guys enough


Adamstown NSW

I was struggling to find an investment-grade property and had essentially spent ten luckless months searching for a property that would fit my investment needs.


A friend of mine recommended Trent and Gabby. From the outset, they were extremely easy to work with, and they shortlisted three properties that fit my criteria.


This was amazing—I’d gone from having no options to suddenly having three. I had budgeted for a purchase of $450,000, the property I wanted was on the market for $415,000+, and Trent and Gab secured it for me for $402,000.


There was no fluff and no drama—they just simply got the job done, saving me untold amounts of time and obviously a decent amount of money along the way.


They really are in your corner!

Kieran and Lauren

Thornton NSW

We’re a time-poor working couple with young kids and were looking to purchase our first house. We decided to get Trent on board as we were feeling overwhelmed with the process, especially after previously having difficult experiences with attempting to buy our first home. 
Trent took the stress out of the process completely. He found multiple properties that suited our needs and when we found “the one” he used his expertise to negotiate a far better price than what we had expected.
Trent was always available to answer our questions and provide advice. I could not be happier that we decided to use In Your Corner Property Investment.


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